What is yourintro film?

Yourintro is an introductory video that helps you tell your story in short, crisp and precise manner.

Your CV/Business details/company Bio can be converted to a quick, simple and an effective infographic video helping you to grab eyeballs of your prospect customers/clients.

How does a yourintro film like?

A web link to the yourintro film video.

What will be the duration of my yourintro film?

The duration of yourintro film varies depending on the script of each individual. It will be long enough to communicate your/your product's value but short enough to keep it interesting. It is usually of 90-120 seconds.

What documents should I submit in order to develop my yourintro film ?

The documents required for the development of yourintro film are:

  • Your CV/Resume/Business details/ company Bio in word format which will then be converted to yourintro film Script.
  • Photographs (High resolution) relating to your CV/ business.
  • Other certifications/Videos to be included in the video.

What is professional Voice over?

The script approved by you is recorded in the voice studio by a professional voice artist.

Do I get to select the voice for my yourintro film?

No, we have standard voices for the Yourintro. The voice for your Yourintro be will as per your gender, i.e. Male voice for males and vice versa.

What type of images should I submit and in which form?

The images should be formal and relevant to your CV /business details. The images should be of high resolution images (good quality/Not blurred) since these images will be used in the video.

How will I approve my script?

Once your Script is developed, you will be notified about the same. you can login on yourintro and approve your script. Our executive will discuss with you if you have any suggestions /feedback on the script.

Can I make changes to the approved script?

You cannot make any change to the script once approved. If you need changes in the script after your approval then this will be charged extra.

How can I upload the other required documents?

You will have to login and upload all the required documents.

How many days does it take to develop the yourintro film?

Your yourintro film will be ready within 15 days after your final approval on script.

From where can I download my yourintro film?

Once the video is ready, you will receive a notification email with the link from where you can download the video.

What will be the format of my yourintro film?

The yourintro film video will be in MP4 format which will be of high resolution. We will also provide videos for your social networking like YouTube version and face book version along with the thumbnails.

Can we make changes/edit the video once completed?

Yes, You can make changes to the video only once within 15 days . Any further changes will be charged extra. Any change in the script/Voiceover will be charged extra.

How will I be notified regarding the progress of my yourintro film?

You will be notified via Email after completion of each step.